CHUB : Chub can be found in most UK rivers, however they are being increasingly stocked in commercial still waters.

They like to live under overhanging trees, undercut river banks and feed over gravel beds, hovering in the rivers currents. Chub are a relative of the Dace, but they are larger and slightly more golden in colour, they have large rubber lipped mouths and orange brown fins. Fishing with a stick float, behind some loose feed such as maggot , worm or luncheon meat can bring good results. Bread can be good for the larger specimen. Tackle should be relatively strong not only to cope with the fish but with the river current as well.


DACE : Dace are streamlined fast silver fish found in shoals in rivers.

Often mistaken for small Chub, they can be identified by their concaved anal fin. The best method of capture is without doubt the stick float, with the shot evenly spread down thr line. Light tackle and small bait like maggot or caster, falling through the swim should tempt the Dace to bite.


GUDGEON : Gudgeon can be found in still waters, canals and rivers.
The Gudgeon is a small fish, brown, grey or green in colour with a row of dark spots along it's sides.
The Gudgeon is a bottom feeding fish, therefore you should fish on or near the bottom, with light tackle such as a whip or pole, using maggot, pinkie or worm as bait. They can shoal up in large numbers, so a lot of fish can be caught in a short time.


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